Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Garage of all garages

Hey everybody, I know you all have been anxiously awaiting this sought out blog post wondering when I would be back to share with you more vivacious pictures and detailed commentary on my latest jobs; well, today is your lucky day. I'm back serving you up with some more insight and colorful optical wonders. This job was completed in south Boca Harbor in Boca Raton. The job was to build a two-car garage structure and tie in the new structure with the existing duplex structure that will be (and now is) adjacent to the garage. The garage has a 14' high tie-beam and measures 24' wide by 45' in length. So, needless to say, this is the garage of all garages. The cream of the crop in terms of the size. If you are a firm believer in the saying size matters...well then this garage is for you. There were some challenges with this job upon the first site visit. Primarily, the existing duplex units had overhead electrical wires masted above the roof level that ran vertically down to the meter can boxes that were on the north wall of the existing building (which ultimately turned into the shared wall between the garage and the north duplex unit). We had to coordinate with FPL, the power provider in the south Florida area, in order to remove the overhead wires and switch the electrical service from an overhead to underground service. The meter can boxes had to be moved from their original location to the back of the proposed garage wall, and the existing boxes would then be used as a junction box, which will serve the downstream electrical sub-panel that contains all of the circuit breakers for the duplex units. Once FPL coiled the overhead wires and disconnected the power, the work was ready to commence. The job generally flowed smoothly, and I'd like to think the job came out looking as it should and appealing to the viewer's eye.  We painted the existing residence, and also replaced the roof on the residence as well. Here are a few progress pictures as well as the final product. Hope you enjoy.